How far we’ve come! A short introduction and re-cap of our gambols!

Disneyland Paris, France.

Disneyland Paris, France.

Welcome on board!

What a pleasure to have you join our journey.

If you’re a traveler, or someone who loves travel then no doubt you have experienced a little of what I am going to discuss.  You desire to travel to a town, country or region, but are filled with angst going about it on your own. So you start by casting out invites, in the same way you’d throw out a fishing net, and your friends are quickly hooked.

You envision a group tour, lots of laughs on the bus, plane or boat and a dandy time overall. You are with your tribe, what a ball! Little by little, as the day of departure looms closer, the crowd depopulates. It dwindles to a loud are left alone. But you’ve had it with cancellations. It’s deja-vu all over again. In the past, you’ve booked tickets, confirmed hotel stays, drafted cool itineraries, and in the end you’ve canceled the whole trip, thrown it in the gutter, because your friends changed their minds, or weren’t going to be available, or money was tight. Ack!

So you go alone.

Hmmm…you end up thinking. This is not too bad. This is actually do-able. At lower bunker of a mixed hostel in Bonn, Germany.. is where a bright light from above shone within. I witnessed civility and neatness. I joined groups of strangers for drinks at dusk. I felt confident to take my gambols a notch higher.  But something was missing in this equation. Little Miss Ashley. Traveling with her would be just as manageable as when I did it alone. It could be done.

Fast forward. So far Little Miss Ashley and myself have gone to quite a bit of countries; we’ve traveled around the Netherlands, visited Kenya, transited in Tanzania and Switzerland, traveled to Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, England. It’s been mostly fun, sometimes a little unnerving but all times eye-opening.

These are our stories.


2 thoughts on “How far we’ve come! A short introduction and re-cap of our gambols!

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