About us..

Selfie in Krakow, Poland.

Selfie in Krakow, Poland.

Hi you..

Carol here..You’ve probably met me as the face behind, “Travelogues of an African Girl.” Single, adventurous, brazen but hopeful, always browsing the world map and wondering where to go next.
It’s been awesome hopscotching the world solo, but more amazing when my daughter, Little Miss Ashley can tag along. So far we’ve been to Kenya, Egypt, France, Greece, Tanzania, Latvia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belgium, Switzerland, Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and counting.
She’s loads of fun with all the mind-boggling stories and laughs we share when on a road trip, or while we are waiting to catch a plane, boat, train or bus. She’s a kick-ass photographer, quite nimble with the chunky Nikon; and great help with packing, clearing rooms and carrying her luggage. I actually love to travel with her.
Yet, there are those moments during our gambols that life happens; when she keeps on harping about missing home, or she’s not so enthusiastic about the places we stay at, or won’t touch the local food. Those are experiences worth capturing and sharing with others…
‘Little Miss Ashley and me’ is a chronicle of our mother and daughter trips..and if you’re planning to do something similar as a single mum, black parent, African, world citizen…know that if we can do it, you can too..
Great to have you on board!

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